10 Downing Street

Fax, Letter, Memo templates, automated reply generator creating near standard reply letters

National Audit Office

Suite of templates with data-entry dialogs and ribbon tools

Department for Transport

Advanced report template with options for different covers and productivity tools

House of Commons

Briefing template with ribbon and tools

Audit Commission

Templates and tools for the writing of Audit Reports - using Word 2003 features to lock down styles

Barbour Logic

Word macro to format machine generated parking notices into readable letter

Barts & London NHS

Letter template with logo insertion tools

City of London

Set of advanced templates in new corporate style. In particular one letter template to cover all the different departments

Corporation of London

Word consultancy to troubleshoot template and printing problems across the organisation

Coventry City Council

Fax, Letter, Memo, Agenda, Report templates with advanced dialog functions

Derby City Council

Word Electronic Application Form


High function Letter, Fax Memo and Minute templates with address selection

East Sussex CC

Set of Brochure/Flier/Poster templates

European Defence Agency

Agenda template to with wizard front-end - creating high quality, conformant agendas

Hampshire Link

Advanced form for advisors to record visit details

Hampshire Police

VBA training and consultancy

Health & Safety Executive

Advanced accident report templates with tools for document assembly

Health & Safety Executive

Tools to insert Keywords into a document

HM Government

Suite of templates with dialogs


Set of institution-wide standard templates and tools

Learning Skills Council

Set of easy-to-use Minutes, Agenda and Report templates with deep use of metadata. Implemented as a single set of templates for 4000 users across 50 offices.


High function Letter and Fax templates


System to create parallel text documents of EC directives and UK's implementation thereof

National Apprenticeship Service

Suite of templates with dialogs

Maritime New Zealand

Suite of advanced templates and tools

Nottingham Community Housing Association

Troubleshooting complex Word VBA problems

Papworth Hospital NHS

Styled report templates

Skills Funding Agency

Suite of 2013 templates with data-entry dialogs

Sussex Partnership NHS

Care delivery forms

The information Authority

Set of templates with front-end dialogs