Custom Templates

Report, Proposal, Letter, Fax, Agenda, Minutes and FileNote templates are our daily business and we have delivered a great many over the last nineteen years.

We offer four levels of solution:

  1. Template + styles
  2. Template + structured content
  3. Template + wizard
  4. Template + wizard + formatting and content insertion tools

Solution 1. Template + styles

The templates are precisely created to match your brand design using styles and colour palettes and we can advise on good design elements where required.

Logos, headers and footers and continuation pages are all correctly set and we can lock the content such as logos and styles as required.

Basic Letter Template

Solution 2. Template + structured content

We setup the templates as above, one for each document type of: Report/Proposal, Letter, Agenda, Minutes, Memo and so on.

Any fixed content is pre-styled and we implement active blue placeholders to make user editing as quick and easy as possible. (Users can press F11 to move to the next placeholder)

Styles are incorporated to deliver the company brand and the style gallery is customised to provide those styles including the colour and style of tables and shapes.

A ribbon tab toolbar is provided which enables the insertion of certain pre-formatted content such as tables, figures, appendices and so on.

Custom ribbon

Simple Letter Template

Solution 3. Template + wizard

The templates are setup as above but this time with a data-entry wizard that is displayed each time a document is created based on a template.

The wizard approach is highly recommended, it creates even complex documents very quickly and as it enables documents to be created for multiple offices, and:

We include a quick-access toolbar with this solution. See the screenshot below. To create a Proposal the user simply clicks the Proposal button on the custom ribbon.

Word Template with wizard

Solution 4. Template + wizard + formatting and content insertion tools

As Solution 3. above but this time the toolbar has powerful functions that assist in formatting and inserting content and protect the document from corruption.

Style tools


Insert tools

Insert tools


Document check tools


For a full list of available tools see our list: Word Tools .

A total solution

We provide our template systems as a total solution package including a high-quality User Guide and a self-installing Setup.exe installer.

All our solutions include 90days support for minor changes and defect fixing and we can extend his to on-going support.

We are hugely experienced at delivering these total packages, see our client list for details.