Case Study 1 - Letter, Fax, Memo Templates

Coventry City Council


Users sending out differently styled, non-brand conformant documents


Highly-styled templates with powerful automation dialog front-ends to validate data and handle the document population


Council now issues highly conformant documents which are quick and easy for users to produce and change

This advanced set of templates are used by more than 2000 users in a busy local government. Users see the toolbar from which they have quick and easy access to the templates.

CovCC Toolbar

The letter page is a sophisticated structure of contact information, logos and graphics. The dialog enables this letter to be created easily and quickly.

The dialog looks complex but in fact it is almost entirely pre-populated from previously remembered information or by list selection. The dialog has many features:

A particular feature of the dialog is its rerunability. Say the user having created the letter wants to change so of the information. They press a rerun button and the dialog is redisplayed exactly as it was when they created the letter. User can then alter the selections and re-populate the letter.

Letter dialog

A4 Letter

These templates and tools yield enhanced document quality and productivity and deliver significant savings in time and effort - a tiny sample of what we can do. Get in touch for more detail. Contact Chris Devrell at or call +44 (0)2380 74 0990.