Case Study 5 - Solutions for Corporate Finance


Enable analysts to produce high quality, brand conformant, print and web ready documents with minimal effort and in as short a time possible.


There are three components to our solution:

1. Template with layout and style

Powerful and robust Word template delivered with the require styles and layout ready for analyst to input their content.

State-of-the-art Word techniques are used to reproduce the required design and layout. For example:

Layout 1 Layout 2 Layout 3

2. Data entry dialog

A custom data-entry dialog pops up when creating a new document. It populates the document with all correct titles, analyst details and header and footer information. The dialog validates data entries and remembers data for next use. For example:

Custom data-entry dialog

3. Custom tools

A toolbar of Word custom macro tools are provided to make text formatting and content insertion easy for the user while protecting the document from corruption. For example:

Custom toolbar



User interface

Custom styles easily accessible

The required custom styles are available on a drop-down menu to quickly apply the required format

Styles menu

Insert Excel charts and table data

A macro tool inserts this data in the correct manner resizing, positioning and captioning in a pre-determined way

Insert dialog

Paste formatted content

Pasting in content from other documents is a sure way to corrupt the receiving document as alien styles and formatting are brought in. This tool automatically parses the incoming text removing all harmful formatting

Paste dialog

Other tools include: Insert frame to hold charts Insert custom formatted table Insert Watermark Insert margin text Insert Portrait/Landscape page Fix paragraph numbering/ refresh styles Convert to PDF Set paper trays and print Template Installer Content Library Insert Symbols


These high-function Word templates result in documents that are accurate, conformant to corporate style and are print and web ready without the need for further correction. Such templates leave Analysts free to concentrate on their key skills rather than waste time fighting with Word.

These templates and tools yield enhanced document quality and productivity and deliver significant savings in time and effort - a tiny sample of what we can do. Get in touch for more detail. Contact Chris Devrell at or call +44 (0)2380 74 0990.