Case Study 2 - Content assembly and editing tools



Sales staff were struggling with unwieldy massive documents. They cut and paste much content causing terrible corruption of the document style and numbering


Document assembly system using Master/Sub documents. Special Paste tool to sanitise incoming content. Library of reusable standard content


Master document means that the document is split into manageable sections. Pasted text no longer harms the document style. Content is easily reused. All in all a much better situation for the sales staff.

Redstone, a busy network provider, issues many sales proposals which are detailed multi-section documents. This advanced Sales Proposal template enables sales staff to quickly generate the proposal with a certain amount of content. They then have a custom toolbar of tools to enable them to rapidly build the proposal bringing in content from other sources in a manner which does not break the document.

Redstone Sales Proposal dialog:

Redstone Sales Proposal dialog

These templates and tools yield enhanced document quality and productivity and deliver significant savings in time and effort - a tiny sample of what we can do. Get in touch for more detail. Contact Chris Devrell at or call +44 (0)2380 74 0990.