Case Study 7 - Freedom of Information Letters


Public bodies can receive many requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act. These can be time-consuming to answer and carry a risk if incorrectly handled.


We develop a FOI Letter template which quickly and accurately creates a letter response to the FOI request and enables the user to select a pre-set FOI reply from a list. The list of replies can easily be added to by the administrator.


Timely and accurate replies to FOI requests which save the body money and increase their level of customer service.

Below are two examples of FOI letter creation dialogs showing the list of FOI answers:

Audit Commission:

Audit Commission Letter Template

Learning Skills Council:

Learning Skills Council Letter Template

These templates and tools yield enhanced document quality and productivity and deliver significant savings in time and effort - a tiny sample of what we can do. Get in touch for more detail. Contact Chris Devrell at or call +44 (0)2380 74 0990.